Just The ‘Q

1/2 lb or Full lb, Smoked On-Site Daily

Served with bread, pickles, onions

Brisket – Chopped or Sliced 11 | 22

Pork Ribs 14.50 | 29

Pulled Pork 10 | 20

Earl Campbell Hot Link 8.50 | 17
Regular or Spicy

Turkey Breast 8.50 | 20


Between Bread

Locally Bread, Locally Made

Choose Any of Our ‘Q
Piled High With Love

  • Brisket 9.50
  • Pulled Pork  8.25
  • Hot Link  8.25
  • Turkey 8.75

Sloppy Joe, Slop, Sloppy Joe 5.99
Like the lunchlady makes, but better

The Beauty 10.50
Hot link + chopped brisket topped with queso

The Beast 10.50
Pulled pork + maq ‘n cheese topped with pork rinds

Local Eats

Just Say, 86 The Meat

Great Potato 12.00
Smoked & stuffed potato. Choice of meat and served ATW

Rose City Nachos 12.00
Tower of tortilla chips + pulled pork or brisket, pico de gallo, queso, roasted corn, jalapeños.

Local Salad 11.50
Fresh greens + chopped brisket, egg, tomato, roasted corn, cheddar, avocado
*homestyle ranch, italian, or locally made smoked tomato ranch


Single / Pint / Quart

 2.75 / 7 / 12.50


Local Beans

Potato Salad

Maq ‘N Cheese

Pork Rinds 1.99

Local Tator Tots 5.25

Bagged Chips 1.79

Lil’ Locals

For Any Age Kid


Chopped Brisket Sandwich

Turkey Sandwich

Maq ‘N Cheese*

Small Potato*


*Topped with choice of meat


Wet Your Whistle At the Local Bar!
Happy Hour 3 – 6


Fountain Sodas + Tea
Med 2.50 / Lrg 3

Coca Cola 2.50
Topo Chico 3.00


The Best Selections Fresh From Bryan’s Cheesecakes

*Items available until we sell out! Prices subject to change with market.
*Have an allergy? Let us know.